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Unlike traditional glucose monitors requiring finger pricks that provide only momentary data, Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) offer a more comfortable and accurate alternative for continuous diabetes management.

What Does a Glucose Monitor Do?

CGM is one of the most comfortable and easy ways to keep track of your blood glucose levels. This device measures your body's glucose using small sensors placed under your skin, often on your belly or arm.

The sensor transmits data to a wireless monitor, which you can clip to your belt or waistband. The monitor displays sugar levels at 1-, 5-, 10-, or 15-minute intervals. It also alerts you if your sugar goes below or above a set level, making glucose management easier and pain-free.

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What Are the Benefits of CGM?

The benefits of capturing blood sugar readings around the clock are:

  • Recording of dangerously low overnight blood sugar levels that can go undetected
  • Tracking high levels between meals
  • Showing early morning blood sugar spikes
  • Describing how diet and exercise affect you
  • Determining if your treatment plan really works on a day-to-day basis

Additionally, the continuous monitoring on your part has the added benefit of helping your doctor create the best diabetes management plan, allowing for:

  • Amount of insulin you should take
  • An exercise plan that fits you
  • Number of meals and snacks for each day
  • Correct medications and dose amounts.

Are There Different Types of CGM?

Here at Quantum Supply, we can offer you:


The Dexcom G6 CGM is a powerful tool for effortless glucose monitoring. With just a quick look at your smart device or receiver, you can check your glucose levels and receive alerts for high or low readings. You can also share your data with up to 10 followers. Plus, most insurance plans cover the Dexcom G6.


The FreeStyle Libre is a convenient Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system designed for people aged four and older. It provides real-time alarms to help you continuously monitor your glucose levels without requiring frequent fingerstick tests. This system offers a hassle-free way to manage your diabetes more effectively.

Find the Ideal CGM for Your Diabetes Needs

Are you ready to explore the benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs), or do you have questions about our Dexcom G6 and FreeStyle Libre options? Contact us today at Quantum Medical Supply for guidance and assistance in choosing the right CGM system for your diabetes management needs. Your well-being is our priority.